The Turrets Game

Developed by Enriko Riba

The Turrets Game (Beta) Installation & Patches

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* 31.01.2012

- major change: completely rewriten the sprite engine

- changed visual appearence of many effects

- added blocked path line display if player places a blocking turret 

- new weapons

- added weapon unlocking



* 19.01.2012

- minor bug fixes and improvements,

- new game sub menus,

- made escape key behavior consistent  

(closes/opens submenu's )

- added new visual elements and effects (no game features but eye candy only)

- demo level changes and fine tuning

- several new music themes


* 17.01.2012

- changed sprite animations to have 8 different animations based on the directions. This was a huge design change. The decision was tough but we all agreed it is something we had to do to make the game look good.

- added new animations for most mobs

- major performance improvements


* 15.01.2012

- we are now using dropbox for file exchange

- no new features added

- many tweaks and lots of performance optimisations (AI, A* pathfinding, TXna GE, Sound Engine)

- AI autoupdates paths in at least 5 second (or larger) intervals


* 12.01.2012

- added weapon locks (weapons must be unlocked to be used)

- level/graphics changes: layouts, mobs, background tiles, sprites

- added several new mobs

- added new beta level

- minor fixes


* 07.01.2012

- added level description (name) display at level start

- added pause/resume via space/pause keyboard button (as suggested by Sven Novak)

- levels now start paused


* 05.01.2012

- fixed player scenarios not resetting state on level completition or level quit (preventing new level to start)

- changed AI pathfinding to recalculated paths at random intervals between 500ms-1500ms


* 02.01.2010

- initial Beta version







The Full Setup, sorry at this time we offer no public beta. 

Registered Beta Testers will obtain their installation download link per e-mail.


The Mini Setup (installs only the game core and latest content - will not work if any of the prerequisites are missing)

- version from 31.01.2012: The Turrets Game Mini Setup

- version from 19.01.2012: The Turrets Game Mini Setup

- version from 17.01.2012: The Turrets Game Mini Setup

- version from 15.01.2012: The Turrets Game Mini Setup




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