The Turrets Game

Developed by Enriko Riba

Welcome to the Turrets Game preview!

'The Turrets Game' is the working title of my new upcomming game. It is in the well known genre of "turret defense" games but has a very distinct and special touch.

The games core parts (like game logic, AI, pathfinding, level loading etc.) are  finished but whats missing are the final bits and pieces. Most important missing parts are art, music & sound effects. 

All the current art is either handdrawn by myself or found on the web under Public domain or CC3 license.

So if you are an artist and have some spare time feel free to contact me at: AT




Stay tuned as a public beta will follow soon (early 2012)!




The Turrets game engine is an in-house development effort of my company, © Titanium d.o.o. Osijek Croatia.
The 'MiniRenderer' rendering engine used for the WinForms prototype is © Titanium d.o.o. Osijek Croatia.
The DirectX game version is developed with the TXna Game Engine:
The current game music is taken from Kevin MacLeods site:
Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0".
The Sound engine is based on the Fmodex library provided by FMOD Sound System, copyright © Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2011.

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